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Track Sales Calls
Insert Your Leads
When a prospect arives at your site and fills out a contact form you can automatically insert them into the MVI Sales Lead Manager.
Organize Leads
Collect and store lead information in one centralized location. No more shuffling through files to find important information relating to a lead.
Assign Your Leads
Sales managers can easily assign leads to sales reps and track their progress. Sales managers can view rep progress on past and upcoming meetings, calls and tasks.
Track Lead History
Sales reps can track progress they have made with each lead in a simple to use and simple to view format. Every lead screen has a history of activity associated with that lead.
Manage Leads From Your Mobile Device
Sales reps can utilize sales lead tracking software from their mobile phones. Sales reps can utilize the mobile application for easy on-the-go retrieval of lead information, meetings, calls and tasks at No Extra Charge.
Turning Web Visitors To Customers
Turning web traffic into new customers is the goal of all marketing managers. Most of whom already have a website. Utilizing MVISPY along with MVISLM will tell a story that is valuable to any marketing manager.
Sales Lead Tracking Software
MVI Sales Lead Manager is a stand
alone software application that tracks and assigns leads through form
submissions. Try our
Online Demo..... lead tracking php demo
easiest sales lead manager
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MVISLM was developed for the small to midsize business that requires a lead management system at an affordable price. Each business has a different sales process. MVISLM was developed with tools that allow for quick set up and easy adaptation to every sale